Fresh Start Comprehensive Center

Services We Offer

FSCC was established in 2014 with a mission to provide adults struggling with addiction, mental illness and co-occurring conditions in order to live a productive and healthy life. At FSCC clients will have access to services that meet their recovery needs. This will be achieved by providing a range of community based, intervention, treatment and support services. The services consist of the following:
1. Individual Counseling
2. Group Counseling
3. Behavioral Health Counseling
4. Pastoral Counseling
5. Family Counseling
6. Trauma Counseling
7. Substance Abuse Counseling and Treatment
8. Mental Health Assessment & Treatment
9. Grief & Loss Assistance
10. Domestic Violence Assistance
11. Veteran Assistance
12. Reunification Assistance
13. Housing Assistance
14. Recovery/Transitional Housing Assistance
15. Residential Detoxification
16. Identification Obtainment Assistance
17. Disability Assistance
18. Legal assistance
19. Financial Eligibility Assistance
20. Job readiness/Placement
21. Healthcare Access
22. Medication Assistance Treatment
23. AA/NA meetings
24. Peer Recovery Coaches
25. Intensive Case Management
26. Dental Care Access
27. HIV screening, testing & treatment
28. Needle Exchange Program
29. GED classes
30. Hotline Assistance (24 hours)
31. Acupuncture
32. Relaxation Techniques
33. Yoga
34. Community Outreach and Education Services

Training and Workshops

Through special grants and contracts, FSCC will provide professional training, conferences, workshops and symposia to our staff and to the communities where our clients live, work and play. We realize how important the impact of the environment is to our client succeeding in their recovery process. It is imperative that the environment be a good fit for our clients and the interactions be positive ones. Our philosophy at FSCC is that clients want to manage or eliminate their symptoms, increase their capacity to participate in valued social roles and relationships, embrace purpose and meaning in their lives, and make worthwhile contributions to their communities.
Services offered defined in further detail:
  • SUBSTANCE ABUSE SERVICES: In response to the growing need for addictions treatment services FSCC provides medication assisted treatment for chemically addicted persons.
  • COUNSELING: All clients are offered supportive/behavioral health counseling (individual, group and virtual).
  • COLLABORATION WITH OTHER AGENCIES: FSCC has established shared service agreements with a number of human services and treatment programs throughout the city.
  • PUBLIC EDUCATION AND TRAINING: FSCC provides public and professional education and training on a wide range of topics including: trauma therapy. This program provides practical information on community resources. FSCC will offer professional training conferences, workshops and symposia.